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When buying a dishwasher, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. Then why do cooks and homeowners love the Miele dishwasher so much?

And why are they so expensive? After all, dishwashers all have the same basic design and use a combination of water and heat to wash and disinfect the dishes, right?

Moreover, depending on their characteristics, they vary from relatively affordable to about a semester’s cost at a community school.

Although Miele dishwashers contain the same raw ingredients as most other dishwashers, they are quieter than any other because they are assembled. They also do the dishes much cleaner.

But that’s not all. Read on to find out why these dishwashers are superior to others.


#1 - Miele Dishwashers BESTSELLER
Miele G4976 SCVi SF Classic Plus Dishwasher

Capacity - 16 Place Settings
Noise - 46 dB
Color - Stainless Steel
Certification - Energy Star


Best Choice for Ultra Quiet Dishwashers

The Miele G4228SCUSS Futura Classic Plus retails for about $1,000 (less on sale) and still offers many of Miele's most convenient features, like the cutlery tray, the deceptively substantial amount of space inside, and the ultra-quiet wash cycle. It's also very nice looking.


#2 - Miele Dishwasher After Reviewing

More racks and tines
 Automatic open and SensorDry, which advertises perfect drying
 A water softener



#1 - Miele Built-In Dishwashers
G4975SCVISF | Miele Futura Classic Plus Dishwasher

Form Factor - Built-In
Color Stainless - Steel
Control Console - Fully Integrated
Material Type - Stainless Steel



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How is the Miele dishwasher different?

Just like BMW or Mercedes, the Germans build Miele dishwashers with the precision you expect. They are often described as the most extraordinary dishwashers globally, and that’s because of the details.

The shelves glide smoothly. The high-end models mostly whisper in muted tones. They offer features not found in other dishwashers, such as a third basket, contamination sensors, cutlery tray, and self-closing doors.

But most importantly, it’s the way Miele dishwashers prepare your dishes, and that’s where it shines (pardon the pun).

Is the dishwasher worth the mile?

In these times of integrated aging with 1,000 telephones and 2,000 computers to be replaced in a few years, it is good to know that there are still companies that produce products for long distances. Miele devices are designed to last 20 years or more.

The question must then be whether you intend to leave the dishwasher for 20 years. Is your kitchen a classic, or are you the one who turns things on a whim?

Are you a bargain hunter, or do you spend money to get the best quality? If you’re not afraid to spend money, and especially if you’re disappointed in cheaper dishwashers, a Miele dishwasher can pay for itself.

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Miles History

Miele was founded in 1899, long before running water was available in most houses. The company founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zincann produces cream separators. Soon they added a butter prawn to their composition.

In 1903 the company started with the kind of household appliances for which it is still famous today.

They built a washing machine with surprisingly modern technology like a stirrer. The first electric version appeared on the market in 1910.

Black and white photo of the Miele convertible with four men in it.

In 1912, Miele entered the flourishing automotive industry, but the necessary investments were too large for that. This experience lasted only two years.

Miele Red Vacuum on Orange Multi-Nozzle Carpet -- Miele

With a few exceptions, such as bicycles, Miele stuck to the pucks and added improvements such as running water until he introduced a vacuum tank in 1931. The emptiness was terrific, like many of those you can find today.

Miele Dishwasher white open filled -- Miele

Miele only entered the market for dishwashers in 1963. They are known for their efficient use of space – it could accommodate up to 12 people – a stainless steel interior, a detergent dispenser, and was placed under standard kitchen tablets.

In 1967, Miele quality made it a favorite in laboratories and hospitals where pipes and trays had to be clean and sterile.

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How much does a Miele dishwasher cost?

Miele offers five different lines of dishwashers with other functions. You can buy a Miele Classic Plus entry-level dishwasher for as little as $800 in stores or $1,000 if it is not for sale.

That’s almost exactly the average for a dishwasher. Your diamond set can get you nearly $3,000. The other three series are right in the middle, about 1500 to 2000 dollars.

For a company that prides itself on its products’ longevity, Miele’s annual limited warranty is surprisingly short.

However, if you’re ready to choose the top model, the five-year warranty will be much more impressive. You can purchase a five-year extended service contract for smaller models for $300.

Where can I buy a Miele dishwasher?

Today, Miele has a special appreciation for her reputation. Their exclusivity is enhanced because you won’t find Miele in a large home furnishing store. Quality appliance shops only sell them.

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Miele Dishwasher Types

Miele offers five dishwashers, including (from the lowest to the highest) Miele Classic Plus, the most popular series of Miele Crystal, Miele Dimension, Miele Lumen, and Miele Diamond. Each of them is available in different models, and they all offer :

  • Stainless steel tube
  • Quiet operation at 46 dB
  • Express program
  • Possibility to keep up to 16 seats
  • Most offer a cutlery tray and a third pendant.

G4975SCVISF | Miele Futura Classic Plus Dishwasher - fully integrated, ...

The Miele Classic Plus dishwasher has been awarded an impressive 4.2 stars compared to the Miele Classic Plus dishwasher. The rating agency gives a high rating to the dishwashers’ quality and says that energy efficiency is excellent. The noise level is superior, and the dishwasher’s plastic products dry very well.

On the other hand, they said the filter had to be cleaned manually. Overall, Miele scored more points than all other dishwashers, except for two, due to repair problems.

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Miele Classic Plus dishwashers cost about 1,000 euros but are already available for 800 euros.

Miele Crystal


Miele Crystal dishwashers come with all the standard benefits:

  • China and crystal programs
  • No more boards and teeth.
  • Automatic opening and SensorDry, which promotes perfect drying
  • Water softener
  • 3D cutlery box
  • Six washes, with two options.

Consumer reports rating the Miele Crystal Series, which starts at about $1,400, as excellent in all parameters except noise level. The sound gets a superb grade. The users are not entirely safe.

They give the dishwashers only one and a half stars and complain about cleaning the filter and other parts. They say he doesn’t dry the dishes and has a strange smell.

Mileage measurement

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Miele Dimension dishwashers have all the features of Crystal but with :

  • An even quieter wash cycle
  • More adjustable brackets and teeth
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Ten washes and three options.

This may be a starting price of $1,700, but the consumer reports are less impressed with Dimension’s quality and features.

She rated energy consumption as excellent, but everything else was placed very well. As with all series, the filter has to be cleaned manually is a potential disadvantage.

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Mile Lumen

Miele Lumen dishwashers have all the characteristics of Dimension in common:

  • An even quieter wash cycle
  • Even more adjustable brackets and teeth
  • Indoor LED lighting
  • Some models are equipped with a door knock function.
  • 12 washes with five options

In the consumer reports, everything about lumens was rated excellent, except electricity consumption and noise, which received excellent grades.

They complain again about a filter that has been cleaned by hand. A user gives his lumen five stars. The cost of a lumen starts at about $1800.

Diamond mile

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The Miele Diamond Dishwasher is your most expensive and luxurious dishwasher. In addition to the Lumen functions, this range offers

  • Five-year warranty
  • Self-closing door
  • 14 cycles, with seven options
  • A rinsing agent that prevents wine glasses from being noticed.

Consumer reports were far from satisfied with the promised $2,700 price tag updates.

In general, they found the performance impressive, but according to them, several dishwasher models costing $600 proved to be the best.

MieleFinishing and Assembly

Miele offers three customization levels, from your standard dishwasher to a dishwasher that fits seamlessly into your kitchen.

MieleReady-to-use dishwashers

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Miele prefabricated dishwashers range in price from $1000 to $1,700. They are available in white, black, and stainless steel without fingerprints.

Miele built-in dishwashers

Miele Recessed Dishwashers are suitable for all kitchens, with stainless steel fronts or a front panel integrated into the kitchen cabinet.

Costs range from $1,400 for small, slim models to $2,500 for large, full-size models with a transparent control panel.

Fully integrated dishwashers

Fully integrated Miele dishwashers are hidden behind the kitchen cabinet instead of behind the front.

They are also available in stainless steel. Many models are ranging in price from about $1,000 to $2,700.

Best dishwashers for honey

Now that we know a little more about Miele dishwashers’ unique properties, which one could be suitable for you?

Miele G6745 Scu Clst ecoFLEX size

Photo on

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We rate the Miele G6745 SCU CLST EcoFlex Dimension for 1,600 euros as the best all-purpose dishwasher from Miele.

It offers excellent cleaning, an integrated water softener, settings for porcelain and crystals, a semi-saving loading cycle, and a door that opens automatically at the end of the drying cycle.

Miele G4228SCUSS Futura Classic Plus

If you don’t want to brag, you can always buy a great Miele dishwasher for a much lower price.


The Miele G4228SCUSS Futura Classic Plus is available in stores for around 1,000 euros (reduced offer). It offers many practical Miele features such as a cutlery drawer, a deceptively large interior, and particularly quiet wash cycles. He’s also very handsome.

Miele G6987 K20 EcoFlex Diamond

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If you want to impress your friends, go to the Miele G6987 K20 EcoFlex Diamond dishwasher. Your dishes will be shiny, free of water stains, and almost noiseless.

Perhaps the best feature, especially if you have a high-quality kitchen, is that there is no exterior cladding that would ruin your seamless design. Knock twice, and the door will open by opening the hidden control panel.

In that case, you’ll get about $2,800 back, but you can find them for about $2,600.

Miley’s Dishwasher Everything she broke to be?

Whether or not you choose Miele depends on your priorities. The high price leads to high expectations, and the internet is full of disappointed customers. However, you will find at least as many satisfied customers.

If quality is your top priority, the Miele Classic Plus Series is hard to beat, especially when it comes to retail.

Bestseller no. 1

Miele G4976 SCVi SF Classic Plus Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

Bestseller #3

Finishing - All in 1 - 94ct - Dishwasher - Powerball - ...

Finishing – All in 1 – 94ct – Dishwasher – Powerball – …

  • help soften the hardest leftovers of food, such as fried lasagna and dried oatmeal, so they can be disposed of easily
  • Powerful detergents remove the most stubborn stains.
  • The action of the rinsing aid removes residues, stains, and a film for a brilliant shine.

You pay twice as much as a cheap dishwasher, but you get Miele quality and a dishwasher that can take you to the next kitchen renovation and beyond.

If you’re planning to upgrade your kitchen for over $50,000, almost $3,000 for the Miele Diamond Series is a drop in the ocean.

The fully integrated panel allows the dishwasher to disappear entirely behind the kitchen cupboard. Silent Whispering’s technology hides them further.

A five-year guarantee guarantees a long service life. Most high-end customers will also choose Miele refrigerators, lines, ovens, microwaves, and other appliances to give their kitchen an overall picture.

Miele mid-range dishwashers offer all the options you could wish for, but at a price that most mid-range consumers cannot afford.

Bottom row

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Miele is the type of dishwasher you buy if you want to forget you have one.

Even with Classic Plus, the flat, hidden surface matches most kitchens; while most stainless steel appliances leave stripes when brushed with a brush, Miele stainless steel leaves no trace.

Despite all standard sizes, all models seem to have cavities inside. They all leave the dishes immaculate and very quiet.

The only thing Miele doesn’t do is load her filter, clean, and do the dishes.

Can you get the same features for less? Of course, but they may not be delivered in Miele quality, and they will certainly not have Miele’s reputation for precision and attention to detail.

Let’s say that Miele is the type of dishwasher that people take with them when they move.

Functional image: CC to 2.0, Samuel L. Livingston, by Flicker.



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