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Dimensions dishwasher

Besides the typical dimensions of a dishwasher with a standard built-in dishwasher, there are several additional options on the market today to meet different needs.

Built-in dishwashers are available in two standard sizes: 24 inches and 18 inches. There are also 18 and 24 portable, standalone, and roll-in dishwashers, as well as tabletop dishwashers and Fisher & Paykel’s single drawer dishwasher. These small options can be an excellent choice for apartments, flats, and mobile homes. There are also ADA-compliant dishwashers, which are generally slightly shorter than the standard 34-inch dishwashers and are suitable for lower work surfaces.

Dimensions dishwasher – Quick guide*

  • Standard 24-inch dishwasher : 24W x 24D x 34H
  • Compact 18-inch dishwasher : 18 W x 23 D x 35 H
  • Portable, stand-alone dishwasher: 18W or 36W x 23D x 36H
  • Portable dishwasher on the worktop: 22 B x 20D x 17H

*Average, rounded to the nearest inch

18-inch vs. 24-inch dishwasher

Compact 18-inch dishwashers start in the $300 range and go up to over $1,000 (mostly for advanced, ready-to-use models). As a rule, they can occupy about 6 to 8 places and work best in 2 to 3 households.

GE Profile PDT145SSLSS Dishwasher 18 inch

The standard 24-inch dishwasher is suitable for 12 to 14 people and is the best choice for families and large families. Designed as a large bucket, it can hold up to 16 seats and offer greater flexibility to handle large and oddly shaped objects. Standard dishwashers are also used for $300, and high-quality models can cost over $1,000.

KitchenAid 24 Dishwasher Dimensions KitchenAid Dishwasher KDTM404ESS

You can also find out what the Tall-Tub dishwasher is and whether this affects the machine’s size. The high tub dishwasher has more interior space thanks to the more compact motor design and the wash tubes’ adapted arrangement. Most large bathroom washbasins are standard models, not compact models.

If your dishwasher is considerably smaller than the installation space, you can imagine placing refills on both sides of the dishwasher – the refills can be purchased from the manufacturers, and you can also have them MANUFACTURED.

Guide to buying a dishwasher

Portable dishwashers

A portable dishwasher can be in two types: models on a stand with wheels or models with a worktop. This size dishwasher can be a good option for small households, motorhomes, caravans, and office kitchens. Both types are connected to the countertop to extract water during the cycle. In general, you can install 8 to 12 seats in a stand-alone model and closer to 4 to 8 seats in a worktop. Standalone models cost between $300 and $700, you can find them in 18 and 24 configurations, and the cost of the tabletop is usually between $150 and $300.

Dishwasher_Frigider FFPD1821MB Portable dishwasher

Keeping in mind with portable table dishwashers is the weight – they usually weigh at least 50 pounds! So remember, if you want a dishwasher, you can place it in a different place or store it in another place than where you use it.

Dimensions of the dishwasher DDW621WDB Portable tabletop dishwasher

Dishwasher with built-in dishwasher vs. dishwasher with built-in dishwasher

Fisher & Paykel dishwashers with single or double drawers offer a real half-full dishwasher ideal for condominiums, small apartments, and superior rooms. If you have a smaller or shorter worktop, a dishwasher with a pull-out drawer can be an excellent alternative to a portable dishwasher or an 18-inch model.

18-inch dishwashers are smaller than standard dishwashers but are usually about a centimeter taller. If you need to install a dishwasher on a kitchen island or in a confined space, the dishwashers with drawers require much less space to open the doors fully: You need about 22 inches of room for the dishwasher, compared to 34-35 inches for your standard built-in dishwasher. At the same time, the double drawer dishwasher offers the same total capacity as a 24-inch dishwasher.

Fisher & Paykel DD24DCTX9N Double dishwasher High Handle Bag Dimensions dishwasher

GE appliances offer another option for kitchens with limited space: A spacer under the dishwasher with sink. These models are designed for ten seats and measure approximately 24 widths at 25.75 depths and 24 heights. They have basic properties and are quite noisy at 64 dBA (see our article for more details on decibels in dishwashers), but they cost about $899, which is in the average range for dishwashers. You can see the Spacemaker models here.

Comparison of seat adjustments –Quick reference guide

  • A 24-inch dishwasher: 12-14 place settings
  • An 18-inch dishwasher: 6-8 lids
  • Autonomous portable dishwasher: 8 to 12 parking spaces
  • Secret dishwasher: 4-8 places
  • Dishwasher with one drawer: adjustable for seven places
  • Dishwasher with double drawer: 14 Seat adjustments
  • Dishwasher under the sink: Set up for ten places

We hope this has helped you discover the dimensions and capacities of the dishwashers available. If you have a unique space, there are several alternatives to a standard 24-inch wide dishwasher that can be perfectly adapted to your needs. Consult our Dishwasher Purchase Guide for more information on choosing a new dishwasher!

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