Amana Dishwasher Reviews for 2020 – Why you need to consider Amana?

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Amana Dishwasher Reviews_Amana ADB1400AGS Dishwasher

There are many brands to consider when looking for a new dishwasher. Some brands such as GE, Samsung, LG, Maytag, and Frigidaire have huge national advertising budgets and seem to be everywhere. However, there are also lesser-known brands that offer excellent quality and value for money at lower prices. Amana, Whirlpool’s family brand, is a perfect example.

We want to take this opportunity to give you some information about the Amana dishwasher, so you can get to know the brand better. You can add this brand to your shopping list. Amana has a long history in the production of household appliances. Even if they are new to you, they have been made in the United States since 1934!


The first entry on our assessment list of dishwashers for Amana is ADB1500ADS. This is an excellent entry-level model for consumers looking for basic features at a fantastic price. It is equipped with SofSound technology, which contributes to noise reduction. Although not as quiet as other dishwashers in the mainline or the high-end KitchenAid line, it works at an adjustable speed of 55 decibels. You’ll probably find it slower than your old model if you replace something that’s 10 or 15 years old. However, it cannot be compared with the best current models, reaching up to 39 decibels – which is outrageous.

This model has a plastic interior but a professional, high-quality exterior design with fully integrated controls and a stylishly designed handle. The triple filter washing system removes food particles from the washing water. The SoilSense cycle uses a sensor to automatically adjust the flush to the floor’s size and height. In general, it is a friendly dishwasher for the price of only $599 in stainless steel.

One of the trade-offs between a cheaper dishwasher and a more limited capacity are the materials: This model is equipped with a plastic bathtub and vinyl supports. Read our articles on the subject to learn more about why stainless steel indoor pools and nylon supports are superior. However, the fact that it has been given an Energy Star means that it is still a significant improvement over a 10-year-old dishwasher.


  • Installation of 12 places
  • The bikes: SoilSense, Heavy, Normal, Wash for 1 hour, Soak and prewash.
  • Options: 1-24 hour delay, solar rinsing, hot drying, high-temperature washing, control lock.
  • Energy Star nominal
  • SofSoundā„¢ II Technology
  • Fully integrated controls with LED display

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Amana ADB1500ADS – $599

Amana Dishwasher Reports_Amana ADB1500ADS


Here’s our report on Aman’s dishwasher: Amana also offers the 1400 series dishwashers in black, white, or stainless steel with front control, which operate at 63 decibels and does not have an automatic cycle based on sensors. The price starts at around $349, which could be a good option for busy budgets. It has been awarded the Energy Star and therefore consumes less water and electricity than older models.

This model has controls on the front panel and a plastic inner tray with vinyl brackets. Amana retains the simplicity of the 1400 Series – it still offers dry and high-temperature washing capabilities but does not provide delayed start, clean rinse, or control lock. Although the functions are limited, the cleaning efficiency is first-class for their price. A regular wash program is an ideal choice, although it is also a long wash program. A one-hour wash gives less power and does not dry the dishes as completely.

The basic rule is this one: If you like low prices and are not afraid of longer cycles as long as your dishes are clean, this Amana dishwasher can be great!


  • Installation of 12 places
  • The bikes: An hour washing, heavy, regular…
  • Options: Dry-heated. Hi-Temp Wash.
  • Energy Star nominal

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Amana ADB1400AGS – $349

Amana_Amana Dishwasher Review ADB1400AGS

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Previously, Amana offered the 1700 series with an even more advanced sound package, stainless steel tubes, and front controls, but this series has now been discontinued. We hope they’ll suggest a replacement soon – we’ll keep you informed! Alternative price approx. $499 – Bosch Ascenta SHE3AR72UC, stainless steel inner dishwasher with Aqua Stop waterproof adjustable rack. Look at this!

As you can see, Amana is an excellent dishwasher. They offer two great models at low prices so that you can choose the right combination of look, interior, sound, and color – all within a comfortable price range.

We hope you enjoyed these reviews about Aman’s dishwasher. Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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