GE Profile Dishwasher Review & Guide for 2020 – Pros And Cons

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Doing the dishes is the worst kind of homework. He gets up and cleans the bathroom. Fortunately, the GE series profile dishwashers make this task much more comfortable.

Once you’ve bought one of these bad guys, you don’t have to worry about having to stand at the sink for hours after Thanksgiving dinner. Scratching plates that stick to food while your children destroy the rest of your home is no longer a problem.

Instead of the stress usually associated with cleaning food, you can load your excellent dishwasher, sit back and relax.

What is the GE profile Dishwasher?

GE Profile Dishwasher is a series of dishwashers. Although each dishwasher model is designed with different price points in mind, all GE Profile dishwasher models are designed to improve the cleaning experience you expect from other dishwashers.

In this context, some of the main characteristics of GE’s profiled dishwashers are described below.

Key features

GE Profile dishwashers contain up to four nozzles in the upper rack. With these bottle sprayers, glasses, bowls, and cutlery can be cleaned more thoroughly than would otherwise be possible.

This feature is ideal if you have large glasses or bottles, as the spouts of the bottles can reach the glass for extra hygiene.

It is always a pity to see dirt or remnants of silverware after putting it in the dishwasher.

Fortunately, the GE Profile range of dishwashers keeps your cutlery clean at all times thanks to the water jets. These water jets spray water on the cutlery tray to remove stubborn stains or food left on your knives, forks, and spoons.

Finally, one of the most attractive selling points of GE’s profiled dishwashers is its reversible four-blades.

These blades with 25 nozzles rotate in the opposite direction, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the dishwasher and a stable cleaning result with every wash.

Quiet and environmentally friendly

Anyone who has a noisy food processor knows how annoying that can be. GE understands this and has designed GE profile dishwashers to work as quietly as possible.

Some models of dishwashers advertised with a noise level of 42 dB offer a gentle wash cycle.

Also, many of us try to be more environmentally friendly in our daily lives, and this also applies to our kitchen appliances’ energy efficiency. GE Profile Series dishwashers have been awarded Energy Star.

The Energy Star ranking is supported by the government and aims to define energy-efficient products.

For an even more environmentally friendly washing cycle, the option of an electronic washing cycle aimed at energy-saving washing should also be included.

Know the differences between models

A relatively stable cleaning time can be expected for all models, with an average cleaning cycle of approximately 150 minutes for each model. They all have a mobile top frame that can accommodate large objects.

Also, all models are equipped with manual filters that help reduce noise.

In addition to each model with different colors, the GE profile dishwashers have other differences. For example, GE Profile PDF820SSJSS has its control panel on the front of the door, while GE Profiles PDT846SSJSS and PDT855SSJSS have concealed control panels.


As with any series of dishwashers, the prices of the models vary. While you can expect to buy cheaper models like the GE Profile PDF820SSJSS for close to $1,000, you can expect to see a drop of about a few parts for more expensive models like the PDT855SSJSS.

Therefore, when choosing a dishwasher, it is essential to ensure that the extra features and functions with a different price tag are worthwhile.

As far as the PDT855SSJSS is concerned, despite its appeal, this model is not without its drawbacks, as outlined in the section below on the pros and cons.

If you are looking for a dishwasher as part of the GE profile, an excellent place to start is Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, or directly from the manufacturer.

As the GE profile dishwasher compared to other major brands

Before buying a dishwasher, always make sure you get the best value in your price range.

We compare GE profile dishwashers’ stacking with other comparable models such as the LG LDT9965BD and the Bosch SHXN87PW55N.

The price of the LG LDT9965BD dishwasher is comparable to that of the high-end GE Profile dishwashers.

The LG LDT9965BD can be supplied with a black stainless steel color palette, which some customers may prefer, and also has a third dishwasher rack, ideal for silver cutlery.

Another brand comparable to the GE Profile range is Bosch SHXN87PW55N. This is an excellent alternative to the GE profile dishwasher if you value low noise and energy efficiency. The Bosch SHXN87PW55N is also Energy Star certified and works at 42 dBA.

The model is also available with different cleaning options. For example, there is a cycle with a half load and a process in which the dishes can be washed in about an hour.

The Bosch SHXN87PW55N costs about $1,000 and is less expensive than some GE Profile models. There are also features such as a backlight that illuminates the floor when the dishwasher is running.

All in all, the Bosch model also offers excellent cleanliness.

This means that the Bosch model is very similar to the GE Profile series in many ways, so it is personal to know which dishwasher is best for you.

Finding the best dishwasher for you

Ultimately, it depends on several factors that determine the GE Profile dishwasher model you choose, including the price and color range you want.

What’s more, the model you choose depends on whether or not you want additional services, such as Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you are looking for a dishwasher that washes only good dishes and glasses, you need to buy a model at the bottom of the price range.

Indeed, the quality of cleanliness does not seem to improve compared to more expensive models. In this case, the PDW1860KSS, PDT145SSLSS, or PDW1800KW are perfect for you.

If you want something more elitist, with all the trimmings, then the PDT855SIJII, PDT855SFLDS, or PDT855SBLTS is the best choice for you and your family.

There are other competing models on the market, such as the LG LDT9965BD and the Bosch SHXN87PW55N.

For example, while the LG LDT9965BD may be the best choice for people looking for a high-quality dishwasher because of its better overall cleanliness, some may prefer GE profile models because of their general ease of use.

In general, it is best to study your future dishwasher and get to know the model in person before you buy it.



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