Best Bosch Dishwasher Parts 2020 – Detailed Buying Guide

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Let’s face it, with a few exceptions, most of us don’t like washing dishes—TV commercials with people standing and laughing when a napkin is not entirely realistic. But if you have a Bosch dishwasher, the smile might not be that far away. If you’re lucky enough to own one of the highest quality dishwashers in America, you want to keep him on top. If you have a problem, you have two options: you can call a repair service that charges you, or you can do it yourself using the best Bosch dishwasher parts you can find.

Ignore dramatic television shows where your projects get wrong, and the house burns down. We have the Internet now, and it’s easier than you think. Some websites where you can order these parts from people you can talk to and even help you diagnose the problem. Whether you are new to the project or not, the following information will help you through this challenging situation. Where exactly can you find the best parts for Bosch dishwashers to repair this soft machine? We have the answers you need.

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Considered as parts

Let’s talk about how we looked at those parts first. We have compiled a list of the most frequently purchased parts for Bosch dishwashers. We then examined all online companies where it was possible to buy the parts Bosch produces, and in some cases, the pieces made by another company in the aftermarket. To ensure that companies selling spare parts have a good reputation, we also read detailed articles about them. We’ve learned that, for better or worse.

Main components for everyday use / Purchasing conditions

Bosch dishwashers are developed in Germany and are designed for maximum durability. But with all these electronic components, moving parts, and wet heat, something will eventually break. The most frequently replaced parts are nozzles, mounting brackets, hoses, filters, replacement wheels, door seals, and cutlery basket. Other companies produce some of these parts at a much lower price than Bosch. Since, of course, you want the best Bosch dishwasher parts, is it worth it? It turns out that, yes, sometimes there are spare parts that receive a lot of praise and comment.

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Where to buy reputable original spare parts

Where can you get your parts? The spare parts we found are on Amazon, which is excellent because we have access to all these reviews. However, some features are only produced by Bosch but can be purchased from other stores. For each party, we have determined which of these options is the best offer and information on delivery and business valuation. With this guide, you can easily find the best parts for your Bosch dishwasher.

The sites inspected were AppliancePartsPros, RepairClinic, and Amazon. Of course, we also investigated the components of Of these sites, Amazon is the only one that does not have specialists on standby to help you diagnose your device. It is easy to assume that other areas will be more expensive than Amazon because they offer additional services. But we’ve discovered that’s not always true. AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic have more or less the same promises in terms of cost and delivery time. However, of these two companies, AppliancePartsPros has the highest satisfaction rate and the lowest number of online complaints to date. RepairClinic has complaints about delivery times and such confusion. Both RepairClinic and AppliancePartPros have training videos on their websites and for those of us who need a little extra help.

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Check if you have ordered the right part for your machine.

On the AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic websites, they guarantee that you will get the best Bosch dishwasher part for your vehicle. Scroll down for each website after clicking on an article and go to that article’s home page. On the RepairClinic article page, you will find a list of article numbers at the bottom of the page. Compare these numbers with the number on the part to be replaced. On the AppliancePartsPros website, scroll down to the product home page. At the bottom is a text field where you can enter the machine’s model number, and the database will do the work for you.

Let’s talk about the best replacement parts for a Bosch dishwasher.

The most common parts purchased in Bosch dishwashers are sprinklers, mounting brackets, hoses, filters, spare wheels, door seals, and cutlery baskets. Let’s look around and find out on the internet where the best parts for Bosch dishwashers can be found.


Depending on whether you have hard water or not, several things can go wrong with your dishwashers. The holes can get blocked, or they can break because they work very hard when the machine is running. In any case, it is not uncommon to replace the nozzle in the dishwasher. For our purposes, we compared a central sprinkler with a hose connection.

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Mounting brackets

As part of this discussion, we will talk about the brackets you use to connect your dishwasher to the wall because they tend to wear out more often. Bosch only produces these mounting brackets. So let’s see where you can order these Bosch parts for your dishwasher the easiest.


We’re talking about pipes and pipe fittings again. As mentioned earlier, homes with hard water are generally very hard on the devices that use this water daily. Sometimes new parts of the Bosch dishwasher, including hoses and hose connections, are needed to restore the dishwasher to regular operation.

In this discussion, we will talk about the most expensive hose for the Bosch dishwasher – the hose for the water supply. This hose is available on the Bosch website, and you can order a 1.5 m hose. In this case, however, an after-sales option should also be considered.

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Today, the filters in our dishwashers work very well, depending on the quality of the dishes we wash. If you live in a household with children, adults, or not, you may need to change the filter at some point. For this discussion, we will talk about a three-part microfilter.

RepairClinic also offers a cheaper microfilter, or you can try the options with AppliancePartsPros for about the same price.

Wheel change

The wheels used in the dishwasher basket are often used and can sometimes withstand a lot of weight, leading to possible malfunctions. In this discussion, we will talk about wheels for the lower level. These components for Bosch dishwashers are available directly from the manufacturer. Let’s see if we can do better.

In this case, we can certainly do better. Amazon has several excellent Bosch parts for its dishwashers, including some of these wheelsets. The other two locations also have wheelsets.

Door panel

At any temperature and humidity that our dishwashers, gaskets, or door seals have to endure, they wear out quite quickly. It’s effortless to do it yourself at home. There are much-appreciated aftermarket versions of this gasket, and Bosch produces this gasket but does not sell it directly on its website.

Cutlery basket

This handy cutlery basket is currently one of the most popular after-sales purchases on the Internet. It is available on the Bosch website. You can get this basket or something very similar to this site and the other three. We found the most exciting options for each location.

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Now you know

Now you know exactly where to buy Bosch parts for your dishwasher. Remember, it’s not as scary to do it yourself as it sounds. I have broken washing machines, washing machines, and toys. It is certainly better than taking hundreds of dollars from a stranger without the guarantee that he or she can get the job done. Be free and do the right thing for your dishwasher, especially now that you know exactly where to find the best Bosch parts for your dishwasher on the internet.

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