Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Models 2020 – #3 is Best Overall

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Every homeowner wants to own the latest and best appliances. With the Bosch 800 Series dishwasher, the family member responsible for cleaning will significantly appreciate the power of the machine. Doing the dishes is one of the routine tasks that family members hate most. A great dishwasher makes it easier than washing every cup, plate, and dish by hand after eating.

Not all dishwashers are technologically advanced. Press and wash cycles, stainless steel surfaces, and modern details are just some of the features owners are looking for today. You no longer need to wash the dishes before putting them in a modern dishwasher. The design reduces the time it takes to do housework. The children will come in droves to do the words and not run away like they used to. They leave the vacuuming and washing up to their brothers and sisters and enjoy the technological advances of a modern dishwasher.

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About Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers

The Bosch 800 series dishwashers are available in 30 different models. Thanks to adaptive functions, the latest technology, and intelligent progress, washing up no longer seems like a routine job. Dishwashers are available in white, black, and stainless steel. This series is the youngest in the Bosch product family. It is supported by one of Bosch’s leading manufacturers. This means customers can rely on quality regardless of the 800 series they invest in.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Design

When buying a dishwasher, functional design is an important feature. The Bosch 800 Series dishwasher comes with this front panel. So pre-washing is no longer necessary. It also features silent operation, speed cycles, and a choice of cleaning modes. The dishwasher is also equipped with new technology and is efficient, reducing total energy costs and water consumption.

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Prewitt cycle not required

With the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers, homeowners no longer have to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. PrecisionWash is equipped with intelligent floor scanners. This is why the dishwasher automatically adjusts to clean dishes, regardless of the amount of food on the surface. The precision sprayers reach the hands that stick to the food so that the food sparkles out after each cycle.

Quiet operation

German engineers produce the noisiest brand of the dishwasher in the United States. Multilevel insulation helps reduce the overall noise level during machine operation. The detergent tray keeps the pills in place, so they don’t rattle, reducing the noise level. The low-noise triple food filter system also reduces the noise level.

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Easy to download

The MyWay rack is another innovation in the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers. It allows owners to put spatulas, whiskey, muesli bowls, and other items in the dishwasher. This design prevents rattling and will enable users to place everything in one cycle, reducing cleaning time.

Dishwasher Bosch 800 Series Modern Update

The series also features highly accurate technological and design details that significantly improve the 500 series. Not only is the dishwasher quieter, but it also features improvements that make it easier to use.

Capacitive touch control

The sensor controllers have a capacitive design. Users must touch the mat with their fingers or capacitive handle/style, unlike resistance surfaces. The sensor works more naturally than the old settings of the dishwasher. It is also more intuitive and replaces the mechanical buttons on the dishwasher. This gives this series of dishwashers a smooth, clean, and easy to use look.

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Smartphone alerts

Some Bosch 800 Series dishwashers are equipped with a smartphone warning function. This function connects to the Bosch Home Connect Smartphone application. This application allows homeowners to order dishwashers directly from their smartphone or tablet. It also allows owners to control and operate the dishwasher. Adjust the time, cycles, and other parameters to reduce energy consumption.

How did we look at?

We’ve looked at several Bosch 800 Series dishwashers to help consumers choose the best appliance. In our assessment, we focus on the characteristics, design, and performance. We also compared the price range so that consumers can find a model that fits their budget. Ease of use, washing cycles and energy consumption are also important areas that we have considered. These features make it easier for customers to find the best Bosch dishwasher.

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Top Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher models Available

When comparing the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers’ different models, there are several things owners need to bear in mind. Not only the price but also the performance, ease of use, and energy efficiency. These are some of the best-selling models in the Bosch 800 series.

This dishwasher is equipped with six washing cycles, a delayed start function, and a third adjustable basket. The shelf allows owners to place signs and small objects intuitively, allowing them to put more items and ensure better hygiene. The third frame has adjustments for 16 seats. This will enable owners to wash the dishes in one go.

The stainless steel surface and interior are incredibly durable. The dishwasher also works very quietly and has a compartment for lids and small parts. Small objects do not break in the dishwasher. And homeowners don’t have to worry about tiny pieces getting lost in the dishwashing knives.

Some customers complain that there is not enough internal capacity. Even if a third locker is used, the closed panel means that few objects can be placed during the wash.

The Bosch SPX68U55UC 18' 800 Series dishwashers with 10...

The dishwasher is equipped with ten setting points and a low noise operation cycle of 44 dBA. Protection for Euro tub and AquaStop Plus. This protection helps prevent leaks in the dishwasher, primarily if owners regularly work in the machine. If sufficient water flows through the entire system, it will not dry up.

The stainless steel exterior is durable and looks modern. It integrates well with the kitchen appliances. It also has a third shelf that makes it easy to stack dishes in different positions. Problems with operation and adjustment usually occur after a few months of use. These problems limit the dishwasher’s function, and dishwasher owners can choose from these problems when cycling.

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The dishwasher is very quiet, only 39 dBA. It has a MyWay Rack, allowing owners to place more dishes and make it easy to clean. The touch control technology is customizable and easy to implement. The variable adjustment of the washing cycles also reduces energy consumption.

He has an eco-cycle. This cycle shortens the total washing time and reduces total energy consumption. Short wash cycles also reduce the water consumption of the machine and, at the same time, guarantee professional cleaning.

Some observers note that objects are not thoroughly cleaned under certain washing conditions. Depending on the floor’s height, some observers say it is better to do the dishes before the cycle starts.

The Bosch SHXM78W55N 24' 800 series integrated dishwasher with...

The Bosch SHXM78W55N Series 24 800 integrated dishwashers…

  • This remanufactured product has been tested and certified for performance. The work will show slight stains and scratches. The repair process includes functional testing, necessary cleaning, inspection, and reconditioning. The product comes with all the essential accessories and can be delivered in standard packaging.

At 42 dBA, the dishwasher is quieter than its predecessors and other major brands on the market. It’s got an adjustable third row, MyWay Rack. This feature allows users to quickly place more dishes and small items in a single cycle. This ultimately reduces washing and working time.

The dishwasher is available in different colors. It also increases internal storage capacity by 30% and creates a third shelf. The touchscreen control features a fast cycle mode that allows the dishes to be cleaned in a fraction of the full wash cycle time. Thanks to the precision washing system, there is also no need to pre-rinse the words.

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The machine has an extra drying function after washing. However, the evaluators feel that this does not work. Many observers claim that the dishes remain moist after a drying cycle. Owners should, therefore, dry them by hand after operating the machine.

Bosch 18' 800 Series dishwasher with built-in dishwasher, ready to install.

This 18-inch Energy Star certified dishwasher has an 18-inch interior volume and is very efficient. Since it works on 44 dBA, it’s not knockout; homeowners can’t hear it from other rooms in the house. An integrated water softener also ensures that the dishes are free of stains or stuck in the dirt.

A third rack is integrated into the construction of the RackMatic. This shelving system allows owners to place the dishes in one of nine different positions. It is suitable for a larger number of words than conventional two-stage dishwashers, reducing the number of washing cycles.

The interior is equipped with a plastic wire and a frame cover. Some observers have noticed that this leads to a pungent smell after washing. This applies in particular if the unit is not completely dry after use. The drying cycle is also inefficient. Cups and dishes do not dry in the dishwasher; they should be dried by hand after each process.

The Bosch SGE68X55UC 800 Series 24-inch dishwasher with fully integrated...

The dishwasher runs quietly at 44 dBA. It is also equipped with the RackMatic system with an integrated third rack. This design makes it possible to place more dishes in a single cycle. It also offers three height levels so that large plates or bowls come out clean for all washes. The dishwasher has six automatic processes, including a fast cycle. To reduce washing times, this is an excellent feature when owners are in a hurry.

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The dishwasher can be started with a delay of 24 hours. If the owners are not at home, they can install the dishwasher at a later date. It also contains a safety device for the children’s castle. This safety mechanism means that it will not open during use if children play with the appliance. Energy Star certification also means that your energy bill is lower, even if you use the dishwasher every day.

The dishwasher is only guaranteed for one year. If parts break down or the machine is shut down after this time, the owners will have to pay additional repair costs.

Best Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher, Model

There are many series of Bosh dishwashers in the 800 series. When you buy a dishwasher, you have a total of 30 models available. For those who want a lower capacity, the 800 Series 44 decibel is an excellent option. It has an internal size of 18 inches, so it fits into compact kitchen spaces. It also has different cycles and settings. Although it is slightly louder than the other models in the series, it is still relatively quiet. The model is also available in stainless steel, white and black. This allows homeowners to choose the model that works best with the other appliances in the kitchen.

For those looking for more volume in the interior, the 24-inch Bosch SGE68U55UC is an excellent option. The more spacious interior makes it possible to place higher and broader bowls in a cycle. Thanks to the third grid and the nine positions, two washes are no longer necessary. Even if you organize a large dinner, you can store all your crockery in one load for washing. A larger container can contain more plates and bowls than a small dishwasher. Thanks to the intuitive operation and touch screen settings, the device saves the most frequently selected settings. And it also has quick washes. Thanks to the preset regulators and the water softener, the dishes remain stain-free in every cycle.

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Bosch is a technology leader and one of the best-selling brands of dishwashers. For those looking for the latest additions to the range – the Bosch 800 series dishwasher. Since there are different models to consider, these are other top sellers and models at the top of the owner rankings.



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