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The Asko Dishwasher can change the way you do your dishes, saving water or thoroughly cleaning dirty pots and pans. It is a brand born out of love, work and respect for the environment. In the 1950s, a young farmer built his mother a water and energy-efficient dishwasher that thoroughly cleaned the dishes in hot water and dried them quickly and efficiently. That’s how Asko was born. In 2010 the Slovenian company Gorenje Group took over the company and now continues the tradition.

Modern Asko dishwashers follow the original concept of high quality and high-quality design, but continue to improve their products according to modern technology. Their product line varies from new ideas, such as outdoor dishwashers, to some of the quietest models on the market.

Could there be an Asko dishwasher in the future?

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Frequently asked questions

Are Asko dishwashers environmentally friendly? Yeah! Will you be able to save money by using energy and water? Yeah! And finally, are they completely self-cleaning? Yeah! What more do you want?

How does self-cleaning in the dishwasher work?

It’s in the nature of things that the dishwasher is cleaned every time you do it. However, the self-cleaning function is a more thorough and specific cleaning process that focuses on the treatment tank, filter, spray system and bath.

The self-cleaning circuit only uses hot water. It kills bacteria and fungi and removes the remaining dirt. It is your job to make sure that the dishwasher is completely empty and that you have added distilled white vinegar, a special or traditional dishwasher detergent or citric acid.

Does the dishwasher have an impact on the environment?

It depends on the model and the manufacturer. Older models were less energy efficient, but many modern dishwashers are more environmentally friendly than hand dishwashers. Manufacturers such as Asko only offer environmentally friendly dishwashers that leave a low ecological footprint in the environment and consume less water and energy during their cycles.

Can I save on my electricity bill with a dishwasher?

According to a study, dishwashers save more water and energy than washing hands. Asko dishwashers are built to save water and energy, which is one of their main features.

How did we look at?

We looked at four different parameters to identify our favourite Asko dishwashers.


We checked the materials used in the construction of the dishwasher frame and the materials used for the components such as the pump, filter, bath and tub. We were also looking for safety features such as a child lock, as well as special features such as a solid food bin, adjustable teeth and silent cleaning.

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In our opinion, Asko dishwashers had the right capacity for their size and category. It is important to buy a dishwasher adapted to the needs of your household. If your dishwasher is too small, you risk high water and energy consumption because you have to charge it several times. If it’s too big, you use water unnecessarily.

Easy to use and clean

In this chapter we investigated to what extent the dishwasher is programmable and whether its functions are easy to use. We have also seen how easy it is to clean them manually or with the self-cleaning function and how easy it is to stack them.

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Environmentally friendly features

We have chosen dishwashers with the Energy Star symbol. This can help you reduce your electricity bill, especially if you use water and electricity in doses. We were looking for dishwashers that recycle water, use less detergent and have preset functions to ensure efficient use of hot water. We also checked which method they use during the drying phase.

Price range

This Slovenian brand offers high quality dishwashers. Their price is between $1,000 and $3,500.

Which is the best dishwasher for 2018?

Asco dishwashers are available in three categories: Outside, plate and built-in dishwasher. Our guide covers the most affordable and expensive dishwashers in each category to give you an idea of what to expect across the spectrum. It is important to note that all Asko dishwashers come with an automatic warranty of two years and an optional warranty of three years for full service at an additional cost.

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This dishwasher is designed for use in an open kitchen. It is designed to withstand the elements outside, making it stiffer than dishwashers indoors.

Asko DOD651PHXXLS Outdoor

Main features:


It’s the only street dishwasher in Asco. The outer part is made of stainless steel, which has a high degree of protection and corrosion resistance. The use of stainless steel on the outside facilitates cleaning, which is essential when using the dishwasher outdoors. There is a two-year guarantee and of course you have the possibility to extend the guarantee by three years for an additional fee.

Inside, the famous Asko Super Cleaning System technology is used to ensure deep cleaning of the dishes. The presence of seven cleaning zones prevents the dishes from falling out of the proper cleaning process. It offers users five modes and is equipped with three basket levels. Modes are normal, night, green, fast and intense. As a road machine it is important to deal responsibly with nature. It is Energy Star certified to ensure that water and energy are used in an environmentally friendly way.

It’s got 15 places, which is enough if you’re having fun outdoors. The drying method is condensation, and although it registers 48 decibels in sound, it only hums. Besides, you hardly notice you’re outside. It’s got nine channels.

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Stainless steel makes it easy to clean in any dishwasher. Simple cleaning is important because nature can damage open equipment. Asko dishwashers have more stainless steel parts than many others on the market.

You can buy this model at your Asko dealer. The company’s website can help you in your search. The price is between $3,000 and $3,300, depending on the place of purchase.


Main features:

  • capacity: 17 Space parameters
  • Type of control : Touchpad
  • Electronic display
  • Type of control : Fully integrated
  • A child lock
  • Adjustable upper coupling
  • Folding teeth
  • Cutlery box

The outer frame of this dishwasher is made of steel, which makes it strong and hard. The interior has two spray hoses and a hidden stove. It can spray tall objects, pots, pans and cutlery electrically, using spray technology, wide spray or power supply for cutlery. This model uses a fan to facilitate the evacuation of moisture during the drying cycle.

You can add other dishes, even if you have already started with the load. Interruptions do not affect the amount of energy consumed. There is also an LED light inside.

The tray can be operated prior to the dishwashing process and works in conjunction with the super cleaning system, which removes food from the dishwasher before the actual cycle begins.

With its 17 places, this Asko dishwasher serves a large family and is also ideal if you want to have fun. It also has an Energy Star certificate. Three baskets ensure efficient organisation of the dishes in the dishwasher, eliminating the problem of storing the dishes too close together. It offers users five modes: Normal, fast, nocturnal, green and intense.

One of the advantages of the DB1675THXXLS 50 series dishwashers is the ability to load more dishes, even if a cycle has already started. It also has a locking mechanism that makes it child-friendly. The noise level is also only 40 decibels.

On the other hand, this model is quite large. You can buy it from AJ Madison or find a local reseller on Asko’s website.

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Main features:

  • 8 Steel™ construction
  • Hidden radiator
  • SCS+ – Super Cleaning System+™
  • Number of atomizers : 3
  • Number of spray zones : 8
  • Wide Spray™ – extra cleaning power for pots and pans and

If you are looking for a more affordable built-in dishwasher that still appreciates quality, performance and style, then you can’t go wrong with the Asko DB663IS. This model is equipped with an optional condensation drying function. This method uses the residual heat of the very hot water used during washing to dry the dishes. For example, the condensation method consumes more energy than the turbine drying method.

The stainless steel outer surface is not only easy to clean and durable, it also adds charm to the existing kitchen decor. You can enjoy five modes including Green, Night, Speed, Intensive and Normal.

The cleaning mechanism uses the exclusive Super Cleaning System to clean and dry shiny dishes. With 16 seats, it meets the needs of a large family.

The noise level of 44 decibels is comparable to white noise. In addition, the Asko dishwasher is considerably cheaper in the built-in appliances category. If you are interested in this model, you can use the Asko website to find a reseller.

The price range is between $900 and $1,200, depending on the dealer.

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Main features:

  • 8 Steel™ construction
  • Hidden radiator
  • SCS+ – Super Cleaning System+™
  • Number of atomizers : 3
  • Number of spray zones : 8
  • Wide Spray™ – extra cleaning power for pots and pans and

The Asko dishwasher has a large capacity and is suitable for large households, medium-sized restaurants and commercial companies.

Asko’s ability to apply the best dishwashing technology and create different categories of high quality dishwashers is amazing. With this product, they have succeeded in creating a robust, functional and durable unit that remains flexible enough to give you a sense of style that suits your home or business.

Although the DF1664XXL is larger and heavier, it can be easily cleaned by hand and with the self-cleaning function. So you can easily and uncompromisingly adapt the panel to the design of your kitchen. This dishwasher has 16 place settings and an LED display that shows the status of the machine during the cycle.

The outer jacket is made of stainless steel, which can easily be wiped off. The upper compartment is easy to adjust thanks to the ball-bearing protective guides. This makes it easy to load all kinds of dishes. The noise level is 42 decibels, one of the lowest among dishwashers.

It is also worth mentioning that this dishwasher comes with installation instructions to make your machine even easier to use. You can find the dealer on the Asko website.

One of the exits for this dishwasher is a building. He’s stoic and strong. By using a turbo dryer, which works faster, it effectively serves companies that need large dishwashers. However, it is bulky and therefore takes up a lot of space in the kitchen.

The price range for DF1664XXL is $1300 to $1400, depending on the Asko reseller you buy from.


If there is an outdoor dishwasher on the market, the choice is obvious: DOD651PHXXLS. However, choosing a dishwasher at home can be intimidating. The question is whether you should choose a ready-made panel or an integrated version. Our common favorite is the DB1675THXXLS 50 series dishwasher. This makes dishwashing easier and more convenient. It is also ideal for saving energy and water.

No wonder designers and architects prefer Asko dishwashers and other kitchen appliances in general. That’s because this brand has you in mind throughout its range of dishwashers that meet all needs and styles.

Do you have an Asko dishwasher? Talk about it in the comments!

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