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Do you have a restaurant or café, or are you thinking of opening one? You will then need a suitable commercial dishwasher.

Clean crockery is an essential part of what customers want to visit again and again in your store. Not to mention the savings on labor costs and food safety requirements.

The busier your business is, the less realistic your work will be without a commercial dishwasher. You don’t want to be the restaurant that’s always short of cutlery because the dishwasher (no one) can keep up.

The right commercial dishwasher can solve your food problems. But which one to choose? There are many different models on the market, and some are more suitable for specific purposes.

In this detailed guide to the best commercial dishwashers, we tell you everything you need to know to make the right choice.

Frequently asked questions about Dishwashers.

A high-quality commercial dishwasher has to meet several essential requirements. It should be easy to use so that your employees don’t have a problem with it. It must be quick not to extend the waiting time for customers.

Also, it must be hygienic to comply with health regulations and to produce original dishes.

It is easy to ignore the importance of a dishwasher in a restaurant. However, there is no faster way to get a bad review on Yelp than a dirty dish.

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Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions when looking for a suitable commercial dishwasher.

What is a commercial dishwasher?

Above all, it is essential to understand the difference between a commercial dishwasher and a dishwasher you might have at home.

The most important thing that surprisingly distinguishes commercial dishwashers from household dishwashers is not size. Commercial dishwashers are known for their speed.

When you buy a commercial dishwasher, it is designed for a super-fast washing cycle and minimal drying time. Many commercial dishwashers can do one load per minute, so you’ll never have to wait for more plates.

Standard household dishwashers take half an hour, or more and much shorter cycles are poorly cleaned.

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But just like your dishwasher at home, your commercial dishwasher cannot remove all the rubbish from your plate. It would help if you had a washing station that cleans most of the food waste before putting the dishes into circulation.

What types of commercial dishwashers are there?

There are four main categories of commercial dishwashers. If you know which type is right for you, you can better focus on your selection.


Commercial dishwasher under the counter, ideal for cafes or small restaurants and bars. It fits under the counter, saving space, but cannot hold as many records as a large model.

If you have a big kitchen, these little models can slow you down.

If you need a machine that’s easy to install and doesn’t take up any counter space, or if you want to save money, the sub-counter model may suit you.

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Glasses are more comfortable to break than other foods. If you use many lenses in your company, it makes sense to invest in a windscreen wiper.

These models are as powerful and fast as other commercial dishwashers but have a more consistent water flow.

This is the best way to wash delicate glasses such as champagne and martini glasses. Most wipes can also be used for other types of dishes.

Many wipers are dishwashers that work according to the under-counter principle, and their price is comparable to that of other models that operate according to the under-counter code.

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However, you can also get windscreen washer systems of different designs, which are usually more expensive.

If you have a bar where many glasses are used, glass washing is the right choice. However, if you have to remove many large pots and pans in the kitchen, the glassblowers should not cut themselves.

Door type

The dishwashers have a large front door that remains open until the dishwasher basket is full.

You can then move the hanger, close the door, and do the dishes in about a minute. These large, efficient, and fast models are perfect for large, busy kitchens.

Door models have a larger capacity than chassis dishwashers and require more space. Their work also requires more energy and water.

If you need to wash a lot of dishes quickly and efficiently and afford the space and energy, this is the dishwasher for you. Door dishwashers are the most popular type of commercial kitchen dishwashers.

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Carrier type

If you need even more productivity, a treadmill dishwasher is just what you need. Of all the models on this list, dishwashers have the largest capacity – but they also take up the most space.

These dishwashers are most commonly used in places like cafeterias, where there are many people and where you have to go through several dishes at the same time.

In hospitals, universities, schools, and hotels, for example, you are likely to see dishwashers on the line.

Conveyor belt models are not only the largest commercial dishwashers but also the most expensive. But they have more power, more capacity and can wash a lot of dishes quickly.

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If your business has a high demand for crockery and sufficient space, you may need a tape washer.

What features of commercial dishwashers should I look for?

Your commercial dishwasher has to meet many practical requirements. A good option ensures that activities run smoothly, which contributes to increasing your profits.

But the wrong option can cost more than you can afford, make your kitchen less efficient or take up an awkward space.


It’s the size that counts: Some models may be too big for space you have available. Make sure you measure your kitchen to know exactly which room you are working with.

In addition to space, you have available. However, it would help if you also thought about maintaining a good workflow in your kitchen.

Make sure your dishwasher does not get in the way of people’s work. The fact that he can adapt doesn’t mean he fits in.

Easy to use

Another important aspect is the user-friendliness of the machine. Your employees use your commercial dishwasher several times a day.

If it is difficult or uncomfortable to use, it quickly becomes a problem. Some models are not easy to use if you put them in a room where they don’t belong.

For example, the best door dishwasher will not work correctly if placed in a room where it is difficult to open the door.

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Before investing in a commercial dishwasher, you should think about the possible problems that may arise. Think of all the functions that can make it easier to use, such as the correct settings or quick loading of the shelves.


You can choose between high and low-temperature dishwashers. The high-temperature models disinfect dishes with heat, with a 180-degree rinsing cycle.

Low-temperature machines do not heat dishes to this temperature and disinfect them with chemicals.

High-temperature dishwashers are more common, but they are not necessarily better than others. High-temperature models cost more and consume more energy, but the dishes dry faster, and you save on sanitary chemicals.

Low-temperature models are cheaper to buy and use, but you also need to purchase chemicals regularly. They can also damage certain types of food.

If you care about the environment, you certainly need a high-temperature model without chemicals. Some people say that high-temperature dishwashers also clean the dishes.

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Finally, the thought that’s too easily overlooked until you make a purchase is a noise.

Commercial dishwashers are generally noisy – not without reason. The more powerful dishwasher models are louder than others.

The smallest counting models are the quietest, perfect for small businesses that need to place a dishwasher close to the customer. However, if you want a larger model, you can expect it to be noisy.

However, some brands are known to make the machines quieter than others. If you are worried about noise, look for stamps known for their silent work (more on this below).

How did we look at?

Because there is such a difference between commercial dishwashers, we decided to compare brands instead of specific models.

Most of these brands make different models, so you can determine which brand has the pros and cons you are willing to work with and choose the model that best suits your needs.

Top 10 Brands of commercial dishwashers

Here we have listed some of the biggest brands without too many orders.


Fagor has a good reputation for the production of all types of commercial vehicles. Their dishwashers are known for their user-friendliness and generally have a small side, making them ideal for small kitchens.

However, some people feel that their dishwasher tends to empty slowly, which is a small inconvenience that can influence your decision.

The CMA EST-66H/R-L belt dishwasher is an excellent choice for the food industry.

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Jackson is another prestigious brand for commercial dishwashers. Their machines are known for their reliability, speed, and durability. You also have vital customer service in case you need repairs.

Many people consider Miele dishwashers to be the best in their class. This well-known brand makes machines efficient, fast, and quiet – perfect if noise is an essential factor for you.

Hobart is a proven company in household appliances: They have been making products for the food industry for over 100 years.

Moyer Diebel specializes in commercial dishwashers and offers models of all sizes and types. Your models come with a one-year warranty on labor and parts, and you can add options and accessories as desired.

However, there are places where quality is not always available: Some models, for example, have plastic handles that break easily.


Choosing a commercial dishwasher is much more complicated than selecting a household dishwasher. You need a car whose size, performance, and price are adapted to your installation. With so many different models, it can seem challenging to make the right choice.

However, most commercial kitchens have limitations that make it easy to reduce them. Once you’ve measured your space, checked your budget, and considered your interior design options, it’s easier to choose the right style for your dishwasher.

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Each brand on this list produces reliable machines that will get the job done. The right choice for you depends on the pros and cons that are most important to you.

Do you need a quieter or larger dishwasher? Do you need adjustable wash cycles or a practical and straightforward primary machine? It all depends on your priorities.

Which commercial dishwasher is most important to you? Leave a comment and let us know!

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